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Hotel Antica Colonia is located about 20km from the center of Rome and about 5 km from the terminus of the line A station.
The hotel provide a complimentary shuttle service to the railway station of Rome Tor Vergata and Frascati, from which about 30 minutes to reach the center of Rome.
On sunny days, the station of Rome Tor Vergata can also be reached on foot with a short walk.

Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani are 16 quaint towns located a few kilometers from Rome, to the south-east. Among these you should visit Ariccia famous for its porchetta (roast pork) and Palazzo Chigi, designed by Bernini for Pope Alexander VII (some of the scenes of Il Gattopardo were filmed here), Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer residence located on the Albano lake, Frascati famous for its white wine and villas, Genzano di Roma well-known for its Corpus Christi floral displays and wooden baked bread, Grottaferrata with the Byzantine Greek Abbey of Saint Nilo, Lariano famous for mushrooms and wooden baked bread, Marino where in October there is the famous Grape Festival, Monte Porzio Catone with Diffused Museum of Wine and the Barco Borghese, Nemi famous for the strawberry festival and his magic lake with the Roman Ship Museum, Velletri famous for Camellia Festival every spring (March), with displays, sales and guided tours of local gardens.


Frascati, is 10 miles from Rome, and is easily reachable by public transport: COTRAL buses run frequently from Anagnina metro station and a local train from Rome, which leaves from Termini Station.
In Frascati the air is noticeably fresher than in Rome and in the sweltering summer months it has always been a popular resort.

  • Villa Aldobrandini: this palace dominates the town, overlooking the central piazza in faded splendour. On a weekdays the gardens are open to the public and are free to visit.
  • The Villa Torlonia: nowadays it is a public park. You can still admire the gardens, and an impressive fountain, the Teatro delle Acque (water theatre), designed by Carlo Maderno.