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Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow MagicLand theme park, is a magical place in Valmontone, near Frascati, where children from around the world can meet their favorite animated heroes and heroines in real life.

The amusement park is part of the Rome-Valmontone Tourist Centre, which, in addition to the Rainbow Magicland, includes the Fashion District Valmontone Outlet, famous for attracting more visitors than any other factory outlet in Italy, and the Rainbow Magicland.

Rainbow MagicLand is a collection of magical worlds where visitors can experience big fun and exciting thrills: a dimensional leap to enchanted castles, courageous Vikings, magical fairies, powerful wizards and unlimited adventures.

The amusement park covers a surface area of 600 thousand square meters and features 35 rides, including 3 adventure rides, 17 family rides and 15 for children. It also has 3 theatres, including one for ice shows, and 28 refreshment facilities, including bars and restaurants.